Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Warm ups

Oh look. A new blog! O: Well! Anyway, hi folks :3 I'm planning on using this one to post my warm up sketches on, which range from a mix of pages of character design, story doodles, or even random fan art, depending on which. Expect a bunch of random doodles too.

I don't have anything to offer today in the case of warm ups because of an ongoing vertigo, so here's yesterday's warm ups, sketches for my webcomic Magic Train, to open up later this year. These were posted on my deviantART site before this but i figured I needed to open with something. Well, except for one...

The main character Marie and her father Donald. First picture of Donald after pages of noodling with design that I have not scanned in. Maybe some other time.

Other main character Shanks. He's (stereotypically) Scottish. You might not have known. He doesn't look like this in the comic, as that would be a strange costume for a conductor but oh well.
Plus a...French...Penguin Solider...From WWI.

Shut up.

Anyway, looking forward to posting more when I do more and the vertigo passes.


  1. These "sketches" are like finished pieces to me... :P